'Dancing with the Stars' results - week 1

To be booted the first week of the show comes with a special badge of shame.

And that honor went to Ron Artest tonight. His cha-cha didn't manage to win over either the judges or the viewers.


Rounding out the bottom three this week were Rob Kardashian and Nancy Grace.

Biggest surprise of the night: That Elisabetta Canalis will dance another week. Even Elisabetta and Val looked a tad shocked.


Most attention-grubbing moment of the night: When judge Bruno took his shirt off and climbed atop the judges' table (with a fully clothed Carrie Ann) during LMFAO's performance.

What we learned from tonight's "Meet the Cast" special:

- Ron Artest -- who has inexplicably chosen to go by the name "Metta World Peace" --  couldn't focus on his dance Monday night other than his cue to smack his partner Peta's rear end.

- Chaz Bono is scared of Cheryl Burke.

- Rob Kardashian has trouble counting (which he calls "math") and wonders why he had to learn it in college.

- It is "the Chmerkovskiy way" to be shirtless and in bed, according to host Tom Bergeron.

- Carson Kressley wants to share clothes and be roommates with Maks Chmerkovskiy.

- Nancy Grace filed a motion with the judges for a "stay of execution" in order to be able to return next week to perform the quickstep. (She also thinks her partner Tristan MacManus sounds like a leprechaun.)

- Ricki Lake still harbors hurt feelings about not getting a part in a play at summer camp as a child.