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Kevin Spacey’s favorite hangout is in Annapolis

Loves Annapolis
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The Baltimore Sun

Of all the night spots in the country, Kevin Spacey’s all time favorite can be found not in New York, not in Los Angeles, not in some international jet-setter hub, but right here in Annapolis.

The Oscar-winner tells Men’s Journal that his top spot for late-night lounging is Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge, on West Street.

“It’s both a music venue with live bands and a bar with a roof deck,” Spacey tells the magazine. “A very cool place.”

Metropolitan’s new chef David Kidwell is kvelling. Of all the gin joints in all the towns...

“It’s cool that he chose not only to come here but then to let other people know about it,” Kidwell told Insider, then adding, “I hope this doesn’t mean he won’t be able to come back now. He might have given away his own secret.”

Spacey has been in Maryland for several months now filming the Netflix production “House of Cards.” While in town he’s been spotted here and there -- including hanging out at Preakness in a Panama hat and a cigarette in hand.

Before Spacey’s first visit to Metropolitan, his staff called ahead to prepare the lounge that he’d be arriving with a group. They sat him in a prime section of the roof-top deck where he spent the evening talking and eating in relative privacy.

What Space ate and drank was a bit of a blur for Kidwell but he’s pretty sure the group ordered flatbreads and some quinoa fritters.

“He could pretty much sit up there and relax and not have a whole lot of people bothering him and everything else,” Kidwell said. “He came back a couple days later and he’s been kind of a regular ever since.”

Spacey becoming the “Norm” of Metropolitan came just as the restaurant/lounge has become something of magnet for celebrities visiting Maryland. Kidwell said Olivia Wilde hung out there “at least a half dozen times” while filming “Better Living Through Chemistry,” as did her co-star Sam Rockwell.

The stars must have talked up the place because the movie crew rented out the middle floor for its cast party.

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