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‘Real Housewives of New York City’ recap, By invitation only

London approaches, but one Housewife still hasn't been invited. Drama!

Well, it’s official y’all -- Ramona is the only Housewife not invited on the London trip and there is no way she is going to let Heather get away with it. 

This week’s “The Real Housewives of New York City” started out slow but ended in an eruption of resentment and authenticity. Most importantly, we got to learn a little bit more about each “Real Housewife.”

So, I decided to break it down housewife-by-housewife to delve deeper into what this week’s episode taught us.

LuAnn: The Countess has not been getting a lot of screen-time since the newbies are taking over the interesting story lines these days. But I have to say, it’s nice to see her hitting it off with the new ladies.


However, it would be in her best interest to do at least something to make her more interesting rather than the ridiculous story line of her trying to get pregnant. Apparently she isn’t letting up since previews for next week show her going to a specialist for ovulation.

Carole: This episode revealed two traits that made me truly appreciates Carole: Her intelligence and her humor. In this episode, we got to see Carole reminisce on her journalist days.

Even though she has been out of the business for quite some time, she still believes that she is a journalist at heart. We even got to see a more sensitive side of her when she explains that it was too hard for her to go back to ABC after her husband died since that’s where they met. It is refreshing to have a Housewife who is genuinely smart and has had an interesting career behind her. 

As for the humor, there were many times in this episode where Carole’s comments actually made me laugh out loud. I loved her comment about LuAnn always bringing up some royal family that she knows. 


In her confessional Carole said, “It’s like she has royal turrets syndrome.” Love it. Also, she mentions that she’s always missing out on the drama first hand. As a solution, she figures she should stay closer to Ramona since evidently that’s where all the drama is.

It’s great to see Carole’s reactions to Ramona’s craziness, but she should stay warned that Ramona is unpredictable and she does not want to be on the other side of that fight. 

Aviva: This NYC native is still playing it nice with the Housewives. We didn’t see much confrontation in this episode with her. One thing that I’ve noticed, however, is that Aviva likes to subtly and strategically stir the pot. My new nickname for her is the “back-and-forth-girl” since she is constantly relaying to the ladies what she has heard or witnessed.

Another thing we learned from this episode is that Aviva is not afraid to tell Ramona what she thinks. Yet, she does it in a way that doesn’t completely send the woman off her rocker. This week she straight up told Ramona to ask Heather why she didn’t invite her. It seems like an obvious piece of advice but not many are brave enough to say that to Ramona.


Sonja: First of all, let’s just address the fact that her “intern” brings her breakfast in bed and makes sure she takes her pills every morning. To me, that sounds like a live-in nurse; but for Sonja, these loyal servents people keep her house and days running smoothly (only the best for Ms. Sonja).

I have to stay that I was really pleased with Sonja in this episode. She reminded me a lot of what she was like in her first season on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” She was reasonable and sane, and frankly, I believe it was just the drama of last season that made her a little crazy.

But Sonja has proven that she can actually be a pleasant person. One thing that was addressed this episode, that LuAnn was not shy on bringing up, was that Ramona feels some sort of ownership over her. LuAnn tries prying the truth out of Sonja and to get her to admit that Ramona can be controlling.

It wasn’t until Sonja’s magazine cover party that we actually saw Sonja stand up to Ramona and make her realize that she is over reacting about the London ordeal. She puts her in her place by saying that she can go to London even if Ramona isn’t going. As Sonja puts it, “Ramona is used to getting her own way all the time ... some times I have to snap her into reality. And you know what? I’m a grown-up, I make my own decisions.”


Heather: I have to give it to ya, Heather -- way to stand your ground. Heather outwardly says that she doesn’t want to invite Ramona to London because they simply aren’t friends and their personalities don’t mesh. This is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why she doesn’t want Ramona to come on a trip that she is organizing. It’s only in the world of the “Real Housewives” where every woman feels entitled to a grand invitation.

To top it all off, Ramona said Heather was fake and insincere. Heather smartly points out that if she did invite Ramona than she would be exactly what Ramona accuses her of being since she truly doesn’t see a connection with her. Why can’t a girl just have fun on a trip and not worry about some petty drama? Amen, Heather.

Ramona: I’m obviously saving the best for last. Ramona, as Heather keenly put it, has a borderline personality -- one second she is happy and the next she is mad. At this point, Ramona is doing whatever she can to either get Heather to invite her to London or get others to talk about Heather.

Ramona loved that Aviva and Carole acknowledged that Heather talks a lot. The difference is, however, that they didn’t bring it up to her during one of the first time they met. 


Next, Ramona does whatever she can to give Heather the hint that she wants to be invited. At Sonja’s party she blatantly brings up that she likes to invite everyone to everything as to not leave anyone out. She thinks she is being subtle about the whole thing (Yeah right -- Heather just didn’t want to give her the satisfaction by acknowledging it).

Then, Ramona goes to Sonja to try and get her on her side. Instead, Sonja tells her what she doesn’t want to hear and so Ramona decides to leave. I felt bad for Sonja since her supposed best friend decided to ditch her party because of some dumb trip. She even tells Sonja “You are disappointing me as a friend.” Don’t be so threatened Ramona; Sonja is her own person and can be friends with anyone she wants.