'Othello: The Remix'

Even for fans of such endeavors as "The Bomb-itty of Errors," a hip-hop "Othello" sounded like a stretch for the Q Brothers, that bizarre pair of theatrically inclined Caucasian rappers, born and raised in Chicago. The whole notion sounded absurd. Would there be a DJ spinning through suffocation? Was Desdie going to rap as her light was put out? But "Othello: The Remix" turns out to be by far the best the work the Bros. Q have done. They're growing older, which means wiser, slightly sadder, considerably darker, massively more saturated with craft and thus a whole lot more interesting. Funny, smart and potent, their "Othello" is a killer show. Through April 28 Upstairs at Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier; $20-$35 at 312-595-5800 or chicagoshakes.com
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