Jacqueline Bisset

When: 1967-83 Sex symbolism: One of Bisset's earliest movie appearances was in 1967's Bond spoof "Casino Royale," where she rounded out a cast that also included the ne plus ultra sexpot Ursula Andress. But the British Bisset staked her claim in the sex symbol sweepstakes in 1977's "The Deep." For that shlocky but successful thriller, the actress was filmed swimming underwater in a clingy, transparent T-shirt. The movie's producer Jon Peters later commented, "That T-shirt made me a rich man." By the time Newsweek proclaimed Bisset "the most beautiful actress of all time," her status was cemented, resulting in a relatively lengthy sex-symbol run that extended into the "Me" decade with her appearance as a proto-cougar in 1983's romantic comedy "Class" opposite a baby-faced Andrew McCarthy.
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