Video: Cool cocktails at hot ‘Hamilton’

“Hamilton” isn’t just a bona fide phenomenon of a Broadway musical, it’s an experience. And now you can add to that two Hamilton-themed cocktails being offered during the South Florida run of the show.

Sara Jones, a mixologist at Fort Lauderdale’s Broward Center for the Performing Arts, where “Hamilton” is playing through Jan. 20, has come up with two mixed drinks.

-- The Founders Fizz is a sparkling wine cocktail with equal parts of Aperol and apricot brandy (“Champagne goes so well with everything, especially anything fruit-flavored,” says Jones).

-- The Brandy Alexander is made with vodka, apricot brandy, pineapple juice and a splash of Sprite (“Just to give it that little zhush,” adds Jones).


Both cocktails are $14 and are available at Broward Center eateries Marti’s Bistro and the New River Tavern, which is a buffet-style pop-up restaurant inside the Abdo New River Room open only during the run of “Hamilton.”

“I haven’t seen the show, but I have the soundtrack and I know all the words,” Jones says.

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Hamilton inspired cocktails Brandy Alexander Hamilton and Founder's Fizz are pictured Marti's Bistro in the Broward Center for Performing Arts of Fort Lauderdale.
(Jennifer Lett / Sun Sentinel)