ABC's "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" June 24

Show: "I Survived a Japanese Game Show," ABC, June 24 Premise: Let the zaniness ensue when Americans who have never traveled outside our beautiful country are sent to that wacky island nation known as Japan to compete in a local game show. In the "Why Is This Food So Hard to Eat" segment, patriots will be challenged to eat food attached to a teammate's head while running on a treadmill; while in "Chicken Butt Scramble," Americans will attempt to smash goo-filled oversize eggs with only their butts while wearing chicken suits. Why you should watch: The Food Network was able to make a hit out of an Americanized "Iron Chef," so why shouldn't ABC be able to knock off a Japanese game show format? We only hope it's more zany and hilarious than simply lost in translation.
Craig Sjodin / ABC
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