"Bedtime for Bonzo"

'Bedtime for Bonzo' A 5-year-old chimp named Peggy made a monkey out of her human co-star Ronald Reagan in this cult 1951 low-budget comedy about a college professor and a lab chimp named Bonzo. According to the film’s screenwriter, Ted Berkman, Peggy could “reportedly weep on command or laugh, snarl with hate, smooch affectionately or stand on [her] head, responding promptly to some 502 instructions.” Peggy, who also was featured in several of Johnny Weissmuller’s "Jungle Jim” movies, was signed to a five-year contract at Universal because of her performance as Bonzo. But just weeks after the film’s premiere, Peggy, her stand-in and two other chimps died of suffocation during a zoo fire. A new chimp had to be brought in for 1952’s “Bonzo Goes to College.”
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