Theater: Digital/Nondigital

Digital: $1.99 "Wicked" Mosaic Electronic Program Book. The endlessly touring musical "Wicked" flies back to the Pantages Theatre for a two-month engagement starting Nov. 30. If your favorite 11-year-old girl already has seen the show a dozen times, the "Wicked" Mosaic Electronic Program Book might make a suitable stocking stuffer. Available on the App store, it includes an interactive gallery of 1,700 production photos as well as song lyrics, facts about the show and backstage arcana about its Oz-ian back story. Just the thing to aid that 11-year-old in hum-singing "Defying Gravity" aloud for the 1,700th time. -- Reed Johnson Nondigital: Stephen Sondheim's "Look, I Made a Hat"; $45, Alfred A. Knopf. Stephen Sondheim's "Finishing the Hat" was the best theater book of last year, a gloriously opinionated reflection by America's greatest living theatrical songwriter on the art of lyric writing. "Look, I Made a Hat" picks up the story with "Sunday in the Park with George," the musical that has supplied these two volumes their titles. It's no surprise to discover that Sondheim's prose is as sharp and surprising as his lyrics. Allergic to clichés, he devotes his considerable verbal acumen to annotating his collected works from 1981 to the present while offering such tangy mini-essays as "Critics and Their Uses," "Awards and Their Uselessness" and "Revivals: Directors and Their Notions." Never one to pull his punches, he manages to combine feistiness with supreme elegance in this tandem volume — one that you will want not just to display but to read word by finely chiseled word. -- Charles McNulty
Joan Marcus / Segerstrom Center for the Arts; Alfred A. Knopf
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