Who doesn't love a bloodsucking fiend? Fans of "Twilight: New Moon" nearly swamped Comic-Con, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp talked up the "Dark Shadows" flick they're making, and the CW jumped on the bandwagon with "Vampire Diaries" -- yet another teen-vamps-in-love series. Meanwhile, HBO's "True Blood" positively exploded in its second season, setting series-high ratings on a near-weekly basis and bringing water-cooler buzz back to the channel that once had that market cornered but was in a recent down cycle. Its ratings power also extended to the shows that follow it, providing a big platform to launch first-year comedy "Hung" and delivering "Entourage" its biggest audiences in years. All hail vampires, the king of supernatural beasties! HIT --Sarah Jersild, The CW Source and Rick Porter, Zap2it
HBO, left / Summit Entertainment
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