Madonna, Bedtime Stories

Album: “Bedtime Stories,” 1994 Chic collaborators: While working with Bjork to co-write “Bedtime Story,” Madonna largely turned to proven R&B hit-makers for the album: Babyface, Dallas Austin, Dave Hall and Nellee Hooper. Cross-platform branding: Before the release of “Bedtime Stories,” a tour video from her “Girlie Show” was issued, and she was coming off the film “Dangerous Game,” which was released shortly before the album came out. During the “Bedtime Stories” release cycle, she filmed a cameo for the 1995 film “Blue in the Face,” and also began filming “Four Rooms.” In early 1995, Madonna released a book of photographs from her “Girlie Show,” and later filmed a cameo for Spike Lee’s “Girl 6.” Fashion/beauty partner: Madonna strolled down the catwalk at a fashion show for regular tour collaborator Jean-Paul Gaultier, and appeared in Versace advertisements in 1995. Gimmick: A kinder, gentler Madonna! But wait, isn’t this the same Madonna who said the f-word a dozen or so times on the “Late Show with David Letterman” in early 2004? Yes, but they were all apologetic by the fall, when Letterman chided Madonna to watch her language at the MTV Video Music Awards. Also: a 1995 pajama party to celebrate the release of her video for “Bedtime Story.” Controversy: Her “Sex” book and a topless dancer in her 1993 tour “The Girlie Show” provided enough controversy for a few years. So much so that she even brought it up in “Bedtime Stories,” keeping the story alive in the media. In the album’s “Human Nature” she sings, "Oops, I didn't know I couldn't talk about sex.” Getting out the youth vote: Aside from the aforementioned pajama party, Madonna early on made available for downloading “Secret,” the first single from Bedtime Stories.
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