Entertainment Weekly: 'Twilight' vampire not hot-blooded enough

When author Stephenie Meyer wrote that "Twilight" hero Edward, the 17-going-on-108-year-old vampire, is supposed to be dazzlingly, blindingly beautiful, we're pretty sure she didn't mean in a rosy-lipped female kind of way. Pity then poor Robert Pattison, an actor whose one only claim to fame thus far is his small role as Harry Potter rival Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." The backlash was immediate. Once MTV.com posted an early preview of the cover, the site attracted hundreds of comments including this one from a poster identified as "Horrified": "Edward looks like a ZOMBIE. The stylists and photographer obviously had no idea who the characters are ... he looks like a hairy, powdered donut." Issue date: July 14, 2008
Entertainment Weekly
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