'Lethal Weapon' (1987)

Martin Riggs, the wild-eyed cop on the edge, became a signature role for Gibson and this franchise came bundled with key career partnerships with co-star Danny Glover (who has appeared with Gibson in five films), director Richard Donner (six films with Gibson) and screenwriter Shane Black (who will soon direct Gibson in "Cold Warrior"). "Wow, look at Danny in this," Gibson said watching an early scene of Glover in a bathtub. "Before this movie, you would have films where the hero shot everybody and saves the day and be impervious to pain. Riggs changed that because he was a guy that could go kill the sniper but it stuck with him. He's a disturbed individual. A product of the world."A scene where Riggs contemplates suicide would catch the eye of Franco Zeffirelli and win Gibson the lead in "Hamlet." "But the scene I hear about from most people is the one where I walk across the screen with my bare ass showing."
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