Rossdale's secret romance

He's spent a fair bit of time denying or avoiding it, but Gavin Rossdale -- lead singer of Bush and lead husband of Gwen Stefani - has finally 'fessed up to a fling with Marilyn, a drag queen pop singer and BFF to Boy George who flirted with fame back in the early '80s. Marilyn (real name Peter Robinson) says the relationship lasted a full five years (on and off) but Gavin is only prepared to say they were intimate once. And he was 17. And just trying stuff. And to be fair, Marilyn in his heyday was pretty hot. But ultimately, Gavin made clear where he stood in matters of sexual orientation. Click for more on this 80's story of star-crossed-dressed puppy love, Gavin and Marilyn.
Shea Walsh / IPTC
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