'Muppet Vision 3D' (2001)

The final major Muppets project created by Jim Henson, this Walt Disney World and Disneyland show mixes 3D effects with animatronic figures. Kermit is the "presenter" of the variety show and acts as a sort of host/emcee for the proceedings. Kermit gives a run-down of what to expect and promises audiences there will be no cheap 3-D effects. Kermit's pals, however, namely Ozzie, have other visions. What follows is basically carnage, at least at its most playful. Kermit's show goes all haywire, and the technology proves to be not-yet-ready-for-a-vacationing-audience. Muppet fights break out, and Bean Bunny practically runs away after having his feelings hurt. The Muppets regroup for a Disney classic, but it's brief, as the number fails and the stage starts falling apart. Nevertheless, Kermit remains upbeat, urging guests to come again. Here's thinking the theater will be back to normal every 30 minutes.
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