Eddie Murphy

Film debuts Murphy He proved his wisecracking personality and comedic timing fit perfectly on the big screen when he made his acclaimed feature debut in Walter Hill’s fast-paced 1982 buddy movie, “48 HRS.,” in which he played a nattily groomed convict who is sprung from prison to help an overweight, world-weary cop ( Nick Nolte) solve a crime. The film made $78.9 million domestically. Unfortunately, it also spawned the dreadful 1990 sequel “Another 48 HRS,” which made $80.9 million. Smith Instead of headlining a big studio production, Smith made his feature debut in 1992’s low-budget indie “Where the Day Takes You,” about teenage runaways in Hollywood. Smith was a member of an ensemble of young talent including Balthazar Getty, Sean Astin, Lara Flynn Boyle and Ricki Lake. The film was nominated for an award at the Deauville Film Festival and won the Seattle International Film Festival’s Golden Space Needle Award. The film only opened in 93 theaters, earning $390,152. Winner: Murphy by over $78 million
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