The Office, Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin Resume (a small sampling): “Thank You for Smoking,” “Monk,” “The Comebacks,” “27 Dresses,” “Me, Mom, Dad and Her” (upcoming, Lifetime made-for-TV movie), “Seventeen Again” (upcoming, with Zac Effron) Ready for a promotion: Already an acting vet by the time she graced “The Office,” Hardin’s role as the fallen executive Jan Levinson went from a bit part in the first two seasons to a near full-time gig in 2007. She’s proven to be a fast-rising star in “The Office,” and her decade-plus career of random parts has appeared to have found some stability. Credit Levinson’s hard-to-argue with leadership skills. Bringing a recent dispute to a close, she said, “I stole your diary and gave it to my lawyer. You e-mailed a topless photo of me to everyone in our company. Let’s call it even.” Performance review: Her sudden success within “The Office” has surely played a hand in netting Hardin a role in the romantic comedy hit “27 Dresses.” More film roles are on the horizon, and now that Hardin’s currently out-of-work Levinson has relocated from New York to Scranton, she’s brought added dimension to deal with character’s sudden job debacle. Yet it’s advised she’s soon given more to do than hang in Michael Scott’s condo.
Mitchell Haaseth / NBC Universal
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