Michael Sucsy, writer/director, 'Grey Gardens'

The HBO film was nominated for 17 awards, including outstanding made for television movie. Sucsy directed the picture and co-wrote it with Patricia Rozema. "I’m genuinely overwhelmed," Sucsy told The Times on Thursday morning. "I thought we were up for nine, and just found out we got 17 nominations. ... A friend of mine, a publicist, was [at the nomination press conference] this morning, and woke me up when I heard my text message go off. I turned on the TV, and at the end, the reporter covering it for channel 7 said, 'Congrats to "30 Rock" and "Grey Gardens," and I started crying. I called my mother first. She was awake on the East Coast. I was crying a little bit so I think she thought something was wrong." Photo: Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore in "Grey Gardens."
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