Action hero or pipsqueak?

In September 2010, LaBeouf starred as Jacob Moore in Oliver Stone's "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." In the film, Michael Douglas returns as greedy exec Gordon Gekko, who, after a stretch behind bars, tries to reconnect with his daughter (Carey Mulligan) and becomes friendly with her fiance, played by LaBeouf. The film was a contemporary follow-up to the 1987 classic and solidly performed at the box office in its opening weeks, despite poor reviews. "Director Stone has said that La Beouf reminds him of a young Tom Cruise, but it is unlikely anyone else will see the resemblance," wrote Times film critic Kenneth Turan. "Though the film is at pains to paint his character as one tough hombre, complete with motorcycle-riding chops, Jake comes off more like a striving pipsqueak than a presence to be respected."
Barry Wetcher / 20th Century Fox
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