“What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?”

"What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" In the 1954 film "White Christmas," there’s a great Irving Berlin tune entitled, “Sisters” — “sisters, sisters. There were never such devoted sisters.” That certainly isn’t the case with the sisters in this grandest of thrillers from 1962. "Baby Jane" cast the two warhorses of the golden age of cinema — Bette Davis (who earned her last Oscar nomination) and Joan Crawford as two of the most toxic sibs ever seen on the silver screen. Davis plays Baby Jane Hudson, a former child star who was a bust as an adult actress. She has been forced for years to take care of her sister Blanche (Crawford), whose successful film career ended when an automobile accident crippled her for life. Jane, who was losing a battle with the bottle back in the 1930s, was blamed for the accident, and she’s been paying for her mistake ever since. The fireworks between these two — both on and off screen — are the stuff of legend. Directed by Robert Aldrich.
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