High School Musical: Get in the Picture

"High School Musical: Get in the Picture" (ABC) Performance: That "High School Musical" magic might have run out. At least that's what it looks like, given the subpar reception for the ABC competition show, which is aimed at giving one aspiring star a spot in a music video that will air during the credits of the upcoming "HSM" movie. (Really children, is that worth a 12-week audition? ) The premiere drew an underwhelming 4 million viewers, and that number fell in succeeding weeks. Nick Lachey just didn't do it for the kiddies. Assessment: Without the cast members like that dreamy Zac Efron, kids had little reason to sit through the painful audition rounds, full of tween-sized egos and hysterical sobbing. The judges, all unsuccessfully channeling Simon Cowell, didn't help. Nor did the pint-sized wannabe divas and overuse of the song "We're All in This Together." Considering the grand "prize," it's hard to imagine when this was ever a good idea. Grade: D-
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