The team behind 'Undefeated'

The makers of "Undefeated," the film about an inner-city football team at Manassas High School in North Memphis, Tenn., won the Oscar for documentary feature Sunday. The filmmakers, however, may have gotten off to a rocky start when accepting their Academy Awards on stage: They dropped the F-bomb, for starters, were bleeped out and their speech was cut off at 45 seconds. But Daniel Lindsay, T.J. Martin and Richard Middlemas were charming, if a bit apologetic, backstage. "It wasn't the classiest thing," admitted Martin. "But it did come from the heart." Martin continued, "We're known for the F-bomb. This is the F-bomb clan. When I say it came from the heart, I am genuinely serious. It was out of spontaneity and it was completely accidental. Our core focus, if this possibly were to happen, we really wanted to dedicate the award to the community of North Memphis and the individuals who we profiled in the film. With that said, there was 45 seconds, and 45 seconds goes really quickly and they cut us off, unfortunately."
Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times
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