Review: In ‘Dirty 30,’ Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart showcase their rapid-fire, quippy personalities

YouTube stars Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart stretch their talents to feature film length in “Dirty 30,” directed by Andrew Bush and written by Mamrie Hart and Molly Prather. This is the second feature film collaboration for the trio, after 2014’s “Camp Takota.” Each performer has individually achieved a massive online following with her chat-show-style YouTube channel, and “Dirty 30” offers a loose story blueprint in which the three can showcase their rapid-fire, quippy personalities.

The story takes place around the 30th birthday of Kate (Mamrie Hart), who is frustrated that her life hasn’t yet lived up to the high expectations of her high school self. To cheer her up, her best friends Evie (Helbig) and Charlie (Hannah Hart) throw her a wild birthday bash that helps change her perspective.

Many other YouTube stars make appearances, including Flula Borg, Mikey Murphy and Anna Akana, and there are a few times when a viewer less familiar with this world can feel a bit out of place, though it is possible for anyone to find amusement in this winsome if slight film.

The question of how the stars and creators of online media will integrate into the mainstream industries of film and television has yet to be answered, and “Dirty 30” doesn’t break new ground on that front, or in terms of its story. If anything, it proves that these content creators have the online clout to make and star in their own films, but it still feels targeted to their specific audiences, not necessarily the wider film-going population.


‘Dirty 30’


MPAA rating: PG-13, for some sexual material, drug references, and partying

Running time: 1 hour, 27 minutes

Playing: AMC 30, Orange; also on VOD

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