Richard Dreyfuss
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Richard Dreyfuss: Career retrospective

Richard Dreyfuss
Richard Dreyfuss has had a long career in film, television and theater. We take a look at the Oscar winner’s career highlights.  (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘American Graffiti’ | 1973
Dreyfuss, right, with Bo Hopkins, left, and Beau Gentry in “American Graffiti.” This Oscar-nominated film was directed and co-written by George Lucas.  (Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Jaws’ | 1975
The 1975 thriller “Jaws,” directed by Steven Spielberg, featured Robert Shaw, left, Roy Scheider, and Dreyfuss. (Universal Pictures)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘The Goodbye Girl’ | 1977
Marsha Mason and Dreyfuss starred in “The Goodbye Girl,” which earned Dreyfuss an Academy Award for lead actor. (Handout)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ | 1977
Director Steven Spielberg, right, goes over a scene from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” with Dreyfuss, far left, Francois Truffaut, and Bob Balaban. The blockbuster helped catapult Dreyfuss in Hollywood and is one of the most influential sci-fi films ever made. (Columbia Pictures)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Nuts’ | 1987
Dreyfuss starred with Barbra Streisand in “Nuts.” His portrayal of a public defender earned him a Golden Globe nomination for supporting actor.  (Warner Bros. Entertainment)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Let It Ride’ | 1989
In “Let It Ride,” Dreyfuss, right, plays an unsuccessful gambler alongside David Johansen.  (Alan Markfield / Paramount Pictures)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Always’ | 1989
In “Always,” a 1989 romantic drama directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Holly Hunter, Dreyfuss portrays a firefighter. (John Shannon / Universal Pictures )
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Another Stakeout’ | 1993
Dreyfuss, right, stars as a detective in the comedy “Another Stakeout” with Emilio Estevez.  (Doug Curran)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus’ | 1996
Dreyfuss stars as a music teacher who realizes that by inspiring his students, he’s made a greater contribution to the arts than he ever could have imagined in “Mr. Holland’s Opus.” Dreyfuss was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the role. (Hollywood Pictures / ABC)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘The Crew’ | 2000
Dreyfuss, center, plays a former New Jersey mobster, alongside Burt Reynolds, second from right, and Seymour Cassel in the comedy “The Crew.” In this scene, the three mobsters bribe a stripper played by Jennifer Tilly. (Robert Zuckerman / Touchstone Pictures)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Silver City’ | 2004
Dreyfuss, left, Billy Zane and Chris Cooper star in the political satire “Silver City.”  (Bob Marshak / Newmarket Films)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Copshop’ | 2004
In the two-part PBS drama series, “Copshop,” Dreyfuss stars as a veteran cop working in Manhattan’s Upper West Side precinct. The drama also stars Rosie Perez.  (Jessica Burnstein / KCET)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Poseidon’ | 2006
Mike Vogel, left, Emmy Rossum, center, and Dreyfuss star in the thriller “Poseidon.”  (Claudette Barius / SMPSP)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘W.’ | 2008

Dreyfuss, as Dick Cheney, and Josh Brolin as George W. Bush in Oliver Stone’s “W.”

 (Sidney Ray Baldwin / Lions Gate Entertainment Corp)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘The Lightkeepers’ | 2009
Dreyfuss starred in “The Lightkeepers” alongside Blythe Danner. The romantic comedy was directed by Daniel Adams. (Handout)
Richard Dreyfuss | ‘Paranoia’ | 2013
Dreyfuss stars in “Paranoia” as the father of Liam Hemsworth. (Peter Iovino / Relativity Media)