'Shame' | 2011 | NC-17

Box office: $3,909,002 Steve McQueen's Golden Globe-nominated film follows a sex addict (played by Michael Fassbender, right) struggling to find emotional connection. The MPAA gave "Shame" the NC-17 marker for "some explicit sexual content," but some critics speculated that the film's exploration of the dark nature of addiction also factored heavily into the rating. "Recorded in explicit but never pornographic detail, this is some of the most joyless sex ever put on screen, a compulsion to climax in which emotional connection plays no part," Los Angeles Times critic Kenneth Turan wrote in his review. "It's the fixation of a tortured individual aghast at the self-destructiveness of his addiction but unable to change his actions or escape the shame they cause." MORE: Fox Searchlight handles NC-17 rated 'Shame' with care
Fox Searchlight
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