Vogue cover girl Rihanna dishes on Robert Pattinson, Chris Brown

Posing well is the best revenge.  Especially if you're Rihanna and you've grabbed the cover of the latest issue of Vogue.

There she kneels in a barely there red dress, lips parted, in a field of ... amber waves of grain? What's up with that? Some sort of reference to "America the Beautiful" to fit the autumnal election season? 

We won't bother trying to suss out the mind-set of Vogue's art director, because what you really want to know is what the singer has to say about the two men in her life: Chris Brown and Robert Pattinson.

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In a cover story by Jason Gay, headlined "Rihanna: The Unstoppable Artist," the singer whose estimated worth by Forbes magazine is a cool $53 million obligingly lets loose.

Of the former, Rihanna insists that she and Brown are still friends, more or less, and she confesses her surprise that "the world" continues to "obsess" about their relationship.

As for the rumors about her text flirtation with Pattinson, Rihanna pronounces them "the most bull...  ever." The story also is chock-a-block with fashion brand names (Balenciaga, Air Jordan, Adam Selman), which should prove valuable in helping Vogue shoppers assemble their Christmas wish lists.


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