Dance intro

By Elizabeth Snead, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Does everybody wanna dance? Sure seems like it. The hotly anticipated "High School Musical 3" is being released theatrically soon. And there are even more TV dance shows stepping into view. After the wildly popular "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC, now there are copycats like Lifetime's "Your Mama Don’t Dance," Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" and MTV's “America’s Best Dance Crew.” Something's definitely afoot. Why does everyone want to dance, do the two-step, the waltz, the fox trot, the bossa nova, the twist, the tango, the hustle, the pony, the frug, the watusi? Heck, even the dreaded macarena may be able to make a comeback. The problem is that not everyone can dance. Even though they usually think they can. C'mon, admit it. You may be one of those people. I know I am. Let's look at some famous celebrities -- Paris Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Daryl Hannah, Felicity Huffman, Ivana Trump, Nicole Richie, Sir Ian McKellen, Jessica Biel, Teri Hatcher (far left), Kim Cattrall, Paula Abdul, Shia LaBeouf, Milla Jovovich, Tori Spelling, Heather Graham, Kim Kardashian, Kristen Bell (near left), Lydia Hearst, and even Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag -- caught on camera at the very moment when they too thought they could dance. Click and laugh. The best news? Even supermodels sometimes dance like dorks.
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