Jimmy Fallon and guests perform ultimate Thanksgiving medley


Technically Thanksgiving was over when Jimmy Fallon, Rashida Jones and Carrie Underwood performed their ultimate Thanksgiving song medley on Thursday night, but all is forgiven. Chances are you’ll be hearing some of these new lyrics around the dinner table next year.

Jones, who is departing NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” sometime this season, was a guest and is apparently a longtime pal of Fallon’s. Inspired by the holiday, Jones and Fallon decided to sing some popular songs with the lyrics refashioned to reflect the convergence of Thanksgiving and Hannukah.

So, instead of instead of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” we got Jones and Fallon singing “We’re up all night to eat turkey.” Katy Perry’s “Roar” was repackaged as an ode to tryptophan-induced naps called “Snore.”


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All clever stuff, but our hats are off to surprise guest Carrie Underwood, who joined the celebration with her own contribution, a parody of Miley Cyrus’ bizarre American Music Awards performance of “Wrecking Ball” accompanied by a lip-syncing cat on a video screen behind her. Underwood sang her own Thanksgiving version of “Wrecking Ball” (sample lyric: “You made me cook a Butterball / And then a green bean casserole / All you did was sit and watch football / And ignored all of your fa-a-mily”).

While the lyrics are on par with your average Weird Al imitation, we have to salute the reemergence of one of the strangest visuals from any recent pop song performances: the big-eyed, ultra-cute lip-syncing video screen cat.

The “Late Night” people gave the cat a holiday spin with a pilgrim hat, suggesting perhaps that this video kitty could be a year-round regular. New Year’s top hat? Shamrock hat? The possibilities are endless.

Now, digest these tunes, think you’ve forgotten them and wait til next year, when you hear Uncle Frank humming “Roar” under his breath and you’ll know exactly what he’s thinking.


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