‘Game of Thrones’
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Mary McNamara’s best TV shows of 2013

‘Game of Thrones’
Narratively, thematically, cinematically and geographically the most ambitious TV show ever.

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‘Orange Is the New Black’
Proof that Netflix can bring more than Instant Binge. Redefines drama, comedy, narrative form, possibly the universe.

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‘Breaking Bad’
A microcosm of mayhem turned the antihero on his head, emptied his pockets, stripped him naked and called it a day. Control never had it so good.

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‘The Good Wife’
This miraculous hybrid of character-driven drama and canny procedural proves that “prestige” is not limited to cable.

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The story of a death row prisoner suddenly released is a mind-altering experience. Utterly different, completely hypnotic.

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In this fearless look at the magnificence and absurdity of real change, obsession never seemed so real, so hilarious or so important.

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I usually hate it when critics go goopy over foreign TV, but “Borgen” is terrific. Strong women, strong men, realpolitik indeed.

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‘Last Tango in Halifax’
Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid play Yorkshire pensioners who reunite, to the consternation of their families. Sublime.

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Hard to match a perfect first season but still admirably ambitious and continually provocative.

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‘Foyle’s War’
In a modern field of broken men and imagined apocalypses, a quiet hero deals with historically real mayhem. Never leave us, DCI Foyle. (Patrick Redmond / PBS)