ABC's "Wipeout" June 24

Show: "Wipeout," ABC, June 24 Premise: You could call it summer camp for spastics, only with a reality-show budget and manufactured adult drama, or you could call it "Fear Factor" meets a watered-down "Jackass," where 24 thrill-seeking contestants race in the world's largest extreme obstacle course. One thing you probably won’t call it is TiVo-able, with obstacles like "Dizzy Dummy," "The Big Balls" (a little adolescent humor) and "The Dreadmill," on which contestants jump hurdles on a 40-foot- long treadmill moving at "warp speed." (Apologies are owed to "Star Trek's" original writers.) Why you should watch: If you think watching people fall down is funny, then this is the show for you. John Henson (“Talk Soup”) and John Anderson (ESPN's “SportsCenter”) host.
Richard Cartwright / ABC
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