Under the big black sun By Rose Apodaca Still a year away from forming the Go-Gos, and three summers from her singular voice blasting from radios worldwide, Belinda Carlisle already strikes the pose of a rock star, her carmine stockings blazing under the white-hot sun in this scorched North Hollywood back lot. It was a hazy August day in 1977, and L.A.'s punks, weaned on the Golden State's indie spirit and Tinseltown's film noir, were consumed with fiercely upholding the sub-cult's do-it-yourself ethos. In this case, it meant splicing together your own look, and least of all leaving the story for outsiders to tell. So four teens, including Carlisle, and their older photographer pal -- all of 26 -- got their kicks that day with an impromptu fashion shoot. Click here to continue reading this article.
Jenny Lens
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