Custom-blended 1

Walking into a department store and picking up a jar of cream or a bottle of perfume from a cosmetics counter might be the conventional way to shop for beauty products. But increasingly, shoppers are looking past traditional ¡§one size fits many¡¨ formulations and turning to brands that let them choose custom blends, made for them. Here are some of the burgeoning made-for-you lines. Prescriptives The pioneer in customized beauty, Prescriptives offers a comprehensive array of custom-blended cosmetics. How it works: A Prescriptives staffer determines a customer's skin tone and blends foundations, powders, concealers, lip glosses, lipsticks, bronzers and moisturizers on the spot, testing them on the customer every step of the way. Details of each blend are kept on file. What it costs: From $26 for a lip gloss to $62 for foundation. Where: "Store locator" option at lists select Macy's and Nordstrom stores.
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