Skincare lines that promise no toxic chemicals

Skincare lines that promise no toxic chemicals
Many of the ingredients in Juicy Beauty’s skincare line are derived from grapes, lemons or apples
(Juice Beauty)

An apple a day can keep wrinkles away.

At least its stem cells can, when combined with the right ingredients, such as resveratrol-rich grape seed, vitamin C and vegetable hyaluronic acid.

Today, beauty entrepreneurs are creating products that tap into the power of fruit and vegetable stem cells to nourish aging skin without potentially harmful chemicals. Here’s a look at three of them.

Gavee Gold


After surviving stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Tiffany Andersen’s body could no longer filter toxins, such as the chemicals and preservatives in many skincare products. So Andersen, a medical aesthetician, created a product that achieves results without toxic chemicals.

Gavee Gold uses organically extracted liquid gold that has been purified for 20-plus years before it is infused in the formulas. The gold is purified down to extracted living minerals that reduce inflammation and brighten the skin without clogging it with colloidal or nano-particles of gold.

Many Gavee Gold products also contain plant stem cells. “Bamboo shoot stem cells increase collagen synthesis, and apple stem cells regulate inflammation, soothe and calm irritated skin,” Andersen said.

Indie Lee


Surviving a brain tumor led Indie Lee to create her namesake organic skincare line. Her Swiss Apple Facial Serum uses apple stem cells to reduce fine lines and other signs of aging.

Squalane extracted from olives is Indie Lee’s signature ingredient. “I researched products and fell in love with olive-derived squalane as it mimics the squalane our bodies naturally produce in abundance until our early 20s, when production diminishes,” Lee explained via email. Squalane oil is non-irritating and the body can absorb it quickly. Lee, who formerly worked in finance, said it gives “a wonderful, hydrated glow to the complexion.”

Juice Beauty

While pregnant, healthy lifestyles entrepreneur Karen Behnke decided to create a safer skincare line. After she settled on creating products with a botanical juice-base rather than water or petroleum, the concept of Juice Beauty was born. Many ingredients are derived from grapes, lemons or apples. And freeze-dried algae is an ingredient in an instant eyelift product.

Behnke credits her doctor husband with the idea of using fruit stem cells in the line, which, she said, “combines fruit stem cells with vitamin C, infused into a resveratrol rich grape seed base, which helps rejuvenate the skin.”