Hands-free Whopper holder: The fast-food equivalent of a feed bag

Wouldn’t it be great to just walk around with a burger in your face at all times, without the stress of actually having to hold it? If you can’t find the strength it takes to bring a burger to your lips, Burger King’s hands-free Whopper holder is here to help.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico, the fast-food chain gave away 50 hands-free Whopper holders, reported Fox News. The holders went to the members of the Burger King loyalty program with the 50 highest scores.

The holders are exactly what they sound like. A white plastic contraption sits around your neck; it has a Burger King logo and a caddy in front of your face big enough for a burger.

In the Burger King hands-free Whopper holder unofficial commercial above, people are seen wearing the holders and doing things like driving in the car, massaging sunscreen on someone’s back at the beach, boxing and walking dogs. There is even a shot of a tattoo artist chowing down while he works and two ballroom dancers in the middle of a routine.

Other uses we could think of for the hands-free Whopper holder not mentioned in the video include using it while flying a plane, skiing, sky diving, mud wrestling and participating in a Tour de France.


No word yet on whether the hands-free Whopper device will be made available to a broader consumer base. It’s also not clear as to what will happen if you stick a McDonald’s Big Mac in it.


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