Japan to get new Kit Kats you can heat, and we want them

Kit Kat
The new Kit Kats you can bake in Japan.
(Nestle Japan)

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more jealous of the snacks in Japan, they get a Kit Kat you can heat in the toaster oven.

Beginning March 24, stores in Japan will start selling “Bake ‘N Tasty Mini Kit Kats Custard Pudding Flavor.” According to Rocket News 24, the new variety of Kit Kat is a lot more than a candy bar. When you put it in the toaster oven, the sugar content hardens, and it transforms into a wafer biscuit that smells of caramel. 

To heat the Kit Kats, place them in a toaster oven for a couple of minutes until they turn golden brown. Wait, so the chocolate bar turns into a Kit Kat, Pop-Tart-ish pastry? We need this. 

The new dessert was created by Japanese pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi, who also opened the Kit Kat specialty store, Kit Kat Chocolaterie in Japan. 


Each packet contains 13 mini Kit Kats and will cost $5.11. 

We know, mind blown. 

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