Kitchen Gadgets: Egg slicers

When you’re looking for the perfect tool to slice an egg, a knife is the last way to go — there’s too much surface area on the blade for you to get a clean slice. You’re better off using a wire cake or cheese slicer, even dental floss. Or you can just break out an egg slicer.

With a curved base to cradle the egg and neatly spaced wire cutters, an egg slicer makes quick work of evenly slicing your egg whether you’re going for round or oval slices. Certain models, like the Amco slicer shown above, offer even more options. Fitted with two slicing tools, the compact Amco not only gives you neat slices, but can also cut your egg into perfect wedges.

Egg slicers are available at cooking and gourmet supply stores, as well as online. While prices can vary, a basic egg slicer usually costs no more than $10. The Amco model is about $20.

Noelle Carter