Pat Moore of Newington writes: “In 2003 our ski club traveled to Zermatt in the Swiss canton of Valais. There are many beautiful towns in Switzerland, but Zermatt is easily my favorite. Combustion engines are banned in the town and only small electric commercial vehicles are allowed. Visitors arrive by train from the town of Tasch. On our first morning in Zermatt we opened the curtains in our hotel room to this spectacular view of sunrise on the Matterhorn. Easily the dominant feature of the region, the Matterhorn wasn't successfully climbed until 1865. The Matterhorn Museum has a letter from Teddy Roosevelt to his sister recounting his successful ascent. An added bonus of a trip to Zermatt is that you can ascend the Klein Matterhorn cable car and ski down the backside into Cervinia
Pat Moore
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