'John From Cincinnati'

“John From Cincinnati” has the ingredients of something you’ve gotta see at least once: surfers, aliens, drug addicts, all brought together by David Milch, the prolific, risk-taking TV dramatist who decided to wrap up his HBO western “Deadwood” to do this new project. It’s Milch’s mind that’s probably going to be the star here; the series’ “name” actors include Bruce Greenwood and Rebecca De Mornay. “Deadwood” was a gift to character actors who don’t normally get to sink their teeth into such rich parts on TV. Milch’s dialogue and imagery, given free rein on “Deadwood,” will get a more contemporary airing here. It’s also about time that the surfing subculture and its attendant characters got rich treatment. — Paul Brownfield “John From Cincinnati” premieres at 10 p.m. June 10 on HBO.
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