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Lakers vs. Pistons, Jan. 29

GOING THIS WAY: Kobe Bryant leaves Piston forward Tayshaun Prince behind as he spins to the basket. (Duane Burleson / AP)
FINDING A TEAMMATE: Kobe Bryant passes off against the double-team defense of Detroit’s Antonio McDyess (left) and Tayshaun Prince. (Duane Burleson / AP)
RIPPING THROUGH: Piston guard Richard Hamilton goes to the basket past Laker center Chris Mihm. (Duane Burleson / AP)
TRY AGAIN: Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace blocks a shot by the Lakers’ Kwame Brown. (Duane Burleson / AP)
ON THE BLOCK: Piston center Ben Wallace tries to poke the ball away from Laker forward Lamar Odom. (Duane Burleson / AP)