Jena Malone

Jena Malone Jena Malone has already won over the indie rock set for her role in 2001's cult hit “Donnie Darko.” The film’s music was a choice selection of ‘80s cuts from the likes of Joy Division and Duran Duran, and it arrived just as the hipsters were discovering the ‘80s-inspired gloom of modern acts such as Interpol. A couple of years later, Malone gave Mandy Moore-starrer “Saved!” some indie cred, and this year she released her first single on hot New York indie label Social Registry, home to the experimental electronic work of Gang Gang Dance. Her band, Jena Malone and her Bloodstains, has already played shows with psychedelic guitar rockers Deerhunter, and is sampling songs via Malone’s MySpace page. No word when or if a full album may be coming, but Malone treads toward the experimental in her music, bringing a Karen O-like curl to “Lunchbox and Memory,” a confessional, beat-poet approach to “This Pain” and a Yoko Ono-inspired fragileness to “New Year Come.” Of late, she's been recording with her new band, the Shoe.
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