After 67 years together, California couple dies while holding hands

A California couple married since 1947 died in Fresno earlier this month on the same day, while holding hands.

After Floyd Hartwig died, his wife Violet died five hours later. Their children told her that her husband was waiting for her, the Fresno Bee reports.

They were dedicated to each other,” daughter Donna Scharton told the news outlet. “It was meant to be this way.”

Their children knew the couple were close to death and pushed their hospice beds together, gently putting Dad’s hand into Mom’s. Floyd died first, and then they told Violet that she could go too, that Floyd was waiting for her.

Floyd, 90, and Violet, 89, knew each other as children, growing up in Easton, on the outskirts of Fresno County. While Floyd, a decorated Navy sailor, was home on leave, he saw Violet at a local dance hall, and romance followed. They married on Aug. 16, 1947.


While Floyd was serving overseas, he showered Violet with affection through love letters, his family told the Bee. Once home, Floyd and Violet raised three children and grew cotton and raised turkeys on their farm.

The couple was active until recently, their family said. Then in late January, Floyd’s doctor gave him only a few weeks to live because of his failing kidneys.

Hospice beds were brought into their home, and the couple spent their remaining weeks together side by side.

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