Garcetti: ‘I got a little ahead of myself,’ after dropping F-bomb

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, hours after dropping the “F-bomb” at a Kings victory celebration, took it all in stride Monday night when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and said that he had “got a little ahead of myself” when he uttered the expletive.

As Garcetti walked onto the set, Kimmel told the mayor, “I enjoyed your performance today.”

“I appreciate it,” the mayor said to a round of audience applause, according to a YouTube video that was posted by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“I got a little ahead of myself …  You gotta remember, we didn’t win at lawn bowling. We won in hockey,” the mayor said.


“Kids out there, do not say what your mayor said today,” Garcetti added.

The mayor was on the show as part of a wager he made with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on the outcome of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Kings and the Rangers.

If the Kings lost, Garcetti was to sing “New York, New York.” But because the Rangers ended up losing, De Blasio sang “I Love L.A.” on the show, with the help of children from the 52nd Street Project, which operates theater arts mentoring programs in New York City.

Earlier Monday at the King’s victory celebration, Garcetti told the crowd there were two important rules for politicians.


“They say never, ever be pictured with a drink in your hand and never swear,” Garcetti said. “But this is a big"— he then raised a bottle and uttered a seven-letter obscenity — “day.”

The Los Angeles Times doesn’t print the word, which is not family-friendly, but a video of the mayor’s utterance can be seen -- and heard -- on Vine. His full comments can be seen on YouTube.

The mayor’s comments were a hit with people who spoke to reporters outside L.A. Live after the rally had ended.

At the L.A. Live’s movie theater, Jason Werntz, 45, of Burbank, said: " It makes me have much more respect for him. Hey, we’ve won the Cup and he had a beer in his hand and it was planned.”

Jeff Ottinger, 45, of Lake Forest, said he too liked the speech.

“It’s great for Los Angeles because it gets the monicker that were kind of snobby and stuck up,” he said. “I think a lot of times politicians are uppity and stuffy and for him to actually be a fan is cool.”

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