2nd ‘good soaking’ expected in L.A., posing peril on still-soggy hills

Had it not been for previous wildfires and a weekend rain that already saturated the ground, a storm expected to hit the San Gabriel Mountains on Tuesday probably wouldn’t be so potentially destructive, the National Weather Service said.

Forecasters expect up to five inches of rain to shower foothills in Los Angeles and Ventura counties Tuesday and Wednesday. Such a heavy downpour in a short amount of time could trigger mud and rock slides.

Over the weekend a rainstorm unleashed a rock slide that shut down Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County. Officials said that could be a precursor to worse things this week.

“The problem is it’s only two days after we’ve had a pretty good storm. When you don’t give the soil a chance to dry out, we’re expecting it could be a very notable impact,” said meteorologist Kathy Hoxsie. “Everyone’s going to get a good soaking again.”


In Glendora, homeowner Ed Heinlein prepared over the weekend for his latest battle with the elements since the Colby fire. Heinlein’s home sits at the bottom of a muddy mountainside that’s prone to washing out during heavy storms. It was slammed with tons of mud and rocks earlier this year.

“We’re gonna get hit,” Heinlein told NBC4. “Stuff’s gonna come through the house like last time. This is gonna be drainage area right through my property.”

Monday is the best chance for homeowners and city crews to prepare for the looming storm because there’s little to no rain forecast across the region, Hoxsie said. Police across the Southland were instructing residents Monday to gather sandbags to block flooding from their home. Crews in Glendora had begun setting up K-rails to try to hem in potential mud flows.

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