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Anti-Trump protesters take to downtown streets again

Chicago Tribune

Protesters took to the streets again Sunday afternoon in Chicago’s Loop to voice their concerns about several parts of President Donald Trump’s agenda, including immigration issues.

With a police escort, several hundred people marched from Trump Tower to Federal Plaza expressing displeasure with the Trump administration’s court-paused travel ban, its policies on immigrants in the United States without legal permission and his promise to build a wall at the United States-Mexico border.

Marchers held signs blasting Trump, including one reading “Will trade 1 Trump for 10,000 refugees.” Organizers also led the group in shouting in support of Chicago’s immigrant community, “What do we do when immigrants are under attack? Stand up, fight back.”

The protest, which caused some traffic delays, ended with a rally at Federal Plaza, where Angelica Magana, founder of the group Rise and Organize, blasted Trump for recent raids carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


“He has already come after people like me,” Magana said. “I’m an undocumented Mexican woman. I’m a DACA recipient. … We were given a promise that we were going to be protected if we came out of the shadows. But that promise has been broken.”

Demonstrators also denounced Trump’s administration for its position on climate change, gender equality and other issues.

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