Clinton chases money in L.A., Charleston shooting resonates on the trail

Good morning, and welcome to your Friday trail guide. We’re watching Hillary Clinton hustle for money at fundraisers in Los Angeles today. The lineup includes a meet and greet in the home of HBO’s President for Programming Michael Lombardo and architect Sonny Ward and an evening reception at actor Tobey Maguire’s house. Democrats are double-dipping this week. Clinton nearly overlapped with President Obama, who was in town Thursday raising money for the Democratic National Committee at Tyler Perry’s Beverly Hills home.

Here’s what else we’re watching today:

_ Jeb Bush picks up campaigning after canceling events in South Carolina in the wake of the church shooting. He'll likely make his first public remarks on the massacre.  

_ A day after Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders gets his chance to court Latinos elected officials meeting in Las Vegas.

_ Rick Santorum, Gov. Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina are making their cases to conservatives at the Pennsylvania GOP’s Northeast Republican Leadership Conference.



Trump: Many, many people want me in

Candidate for president Donald Trump tells the Wall Street Journal that he knows neither party's leaders want him in the race. But tough luck. He's heeding the call of the people. Many, many people.

Many people said we love Trump but he's not running. Many, many people said that. I was surprised by that actually, how many people felt I wasn't going to run. I don't know why they felt that.
Donald Trump

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The Charleston Rorschach test

For the first time of the campaign, the candidates had to respond to a national tragedy. How they reacted says a lot about their politics.

"Where one part of the political universe sees an attack on Christians, another sees the devastating combination of racial hatred and easy access to weapons."

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The Clintons and California

As Clinton lands in Los Angeles, @kurtisalee has a smart reminder that the Golden State wasn't always just a cash machine for Democrats. Bill Clinton actually campaigned in L.A. He went asking for votes, not dollars. Hard to imagine this happening today:

"In the 1992 election, it was not uncommon to see the Arkansas governor travel to South Los Angeles to meet with African American voters. He even addressed Orange County Republicans on a visit in December 1991."

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