Stoneman Douglas student gives account from inside the school

Senior David Hogg was in an AP Environmental Science class at about 2:30 p.m. at Stoneman Douglas High School when he heard a gunshot.

The fire alarm then went off for the second time that day. Students started to run out of the school. Hogg said he saw a “flood of people” running toward him.

He said students had been warned the school would hold a code red drill at some point in the future, and thought maybe that’s what was happening.

Dozens of students, including Hogg, were gathered into a tiny classroom by Ashley Kurth, a culinary instructor at the school. He praised Kurth’s actions and said “she definitely saved lives.”


Hogg, a TV production student, pulled out his video camera while on lockdown because he said he wanted people to tell their story.

“It’s horrifying,” Hogg said. “My sister talked to people yesterday that she’ll never talk to again.”