The viral ‘Bagel Boss Man’ was selling T-shirts to cash in on his infamy before Twitter suspended him

Who’s the boss now?

Chris Morgan, the Long Island man who became a viral internet sensation for his misogynistic rant inside a Bagel Boss restaurant, was apparently selling merchandise to cash in on his 15 minutes of “fame” before Twitter suspended his account.

The formerly new Twitter account (@BagelBossMan) began posting new videos of Morgan, along with the in-store rant that started it all. One of the tweets also advertised T-shirts.

“Available now: Bagel Boss Tshirts #NewProfilePic #BagelBossMan #bagelguy#bagelboss #BagelBossGuy #bagel #ChrisMorgan Message for pricing,” the tweet read.


A banner image on the Twitter account implied the shirts are available in gray, black and white.

A direct message sent to @BagelBossMan inquiring about the price, brand, and manufacturing process of the shirts was not returned before the account was suspended.

Morgan likely wasn’t suspended due to any copyright or intellectual property violations.

“As interesting as this episode is, it is not clear that any IP laws have been violated,” Padmaja Chinta, an attorney, told The Daily News. “He presumably has rights to his image, so copyright is not implicated. The Cafe does have trademark rights in the name “Bagel Boss” as it relates to selling food. But this guy is not infringing any trademark rights unless the Cafe also sells clothes with that name or has filed an application intending to do that in future.”


For good measure, the new Twitter account also advertised Morgan’s cleaning service which he allegedly operates out of a red minivan parked outside Nino’s Deli in Bay Shore.

Morgan’s new YouTube channel still remains up.