Florida teen takes shark attack in stride after getting bitten in foot: ‘Everybody has to eat, just not me’

Jackie Jozaitis
Jackie Jozaitis was bitten by a shark while boogie boarding on Florida’s Atlantic Coast.

A Florida teen who was bitten by a shark while boogie boarding last week tried to stay calm despite “freaking out on the inside.”

Jackie Jozaitis, 16, said she felt a sharp pain in her foot as she swam outside her hotel on Amelia Island on Friday.

“I was so scared,” the teen told the Herald-Tribune newspaper.

Jackie said she was quickly able to get help and received eight stitches after being taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance.


She is relying on crutches and a wheelchair for the moment, but should be recovered in about five weeks. She seems to be taking the scary incident in stride.

“Everybody has to eat, just not me,” Jackie told the Herald-Tribune.

“When I first received many, many text messages and phone calls and everyone trying to alert me that this happened, I thought, ‘no way — what are the odds of this happening?‘” mom Robin Jozaitis told the newspaper. “I thought it was a joke. When I saw the pictures I thought ‘Wow, they’re showing me part of her foot I shouldn’t be able to see.’”


Jackie, a Sarasota resident, said the injury is very painful and “nothing like I’ve ever felt before.”

“I’ve broken my thumb, I’ve hit my elbows and stuff; it’s a deeper pain. It’s really shocking,” she told the Herald-Tribune.