EXCLUSIVE: Man who killed burglar trying to shove his way into Queens home arrested on manslaughter charges

The NYPD investigates the Queens home where Shamel Shavuo allegedly broke in and was killed back in July.
(Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News)

A Queens man cops say beat a would-be burglar to death with a baseball bat has been arrested on manslaughter charges, the Daily News has learned.

Cops arrested Joel Paul, 27, early Monday after a grand jury indicted him for the death of Shamel Shavuo.

Paul and his 16-year-old brother Michael confronted Shavuo outside of their Williamson Ave. home in Jamaica about 2:40 a.m. July 30 after the victim knocked on the door and tried to force his way inside, according to cops.

The younger brother told detectives he heard a knock on the door and answered, thinking it was a pizza he ordered, and found Shavuo , a Maryland resident, outside.


Shavuo got his foot in the entryway but the teen managed to force him back outside and lock the door. Shavuo bizarrely claimed he had once lived at the Queens address.

The Paul brothers’ mother, Melinda Pitter, 57, who was home, called on Paul to help and the two brothers confronted Shavuo outside the home, sources said.

Shavuo died after he was repeatedly struck with the bat and stabbed, officials said.

The Paul brothers were initially released without charges but last month the city Medical Examiner deemed Shavuo’s death a homicide.

Joel Paul’s arraignment was pending in Queens Criminal Court Tuesday. His younger brother has not been charged.

At the time of his death, Shavuo was wanted for a July 20 shooting in Baltimore, officials said. The 44-year-old victim Shavuo allegedly shot survived, officials said.