Nebraska woman avoids jail time for marrying dad after competition with half-sister to have sex with him

Travis Fieldgrove Samantha Kershner
Travis Fieldgrove, left, and Samantha Kershner, 21, allegedly began an intimate relationship in September 2018, despite evidence that Fieldgrove is Kershner’s father.

A Nebraska woman has avoided jail time for marrying her father after a disturbing sibling rivalry sparked a competition with her half-sister to see who could have sex with their dad first.

Samantha Kershner, 21, first sought out Travis Fieldgrove more than three years ago after her mother identified the 39-year-old man as her father, Nebraska TV reported. Police said their relationship was not initially intimate, noting that Kershner, who was 17 at the time, was only interested in learning about her family.

The pair first started sleeping together in September 2018 — a move Kershner said was rooted in a “jealous competition with her half-sister regarding who could have sex with their father,” according to court documents. Prior to that, they’d enjoyed a normal father-daughter relationship, Fieldgrove told police.

According to an affidavit cited by the Omaha World-Herald, Fieldgrove and Kershner married at the Adams County Courthouse in Hastings on Oct. 1 upon learning their relationship was being investigated.


Requirements to obtain a marriage license varies from state to state and the majority of courthouses nationwide no longer require blood testing. The Adams County Courthouse demands both parties provide the full names and birth places of their parents before the can get approval.

Fieldgrove told officers he does not believe he is Kershner’s father because his name is not on her birth certificate. DNA testing, meanwhile indicated there is a 99.999% chance Kershner is his daughter.

Authorities have said the pair were aware of their biological connection when they tied the knot.

Kershner was initially charged with incest in the case but pleaded no contest to reduced charges of misdemeanor false reporting. She was sentenced in Hall County Court to nine months of probation.


Fieldgrove was sentenced in May to two years behind bars and is required to serve one year of supervised release. He has also been ordered not to contact his daughter.

The pair are also wanted in Adams County on incest charges stemming from the courtroom wedding there. Kershner is also facing additional charges of making false statements under oath.